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Snowy Mountain

We can navigate you to success

Find out about our proven methodology and accelerators.

CloudRock operates as an extension of your team and will always operate in your best interest.

We can help at every stage of your technology-enabled journey – from strategy to selection, preparation, delivery, support and optimisation.​ We provide comprehensive change management advice and assets to best prepare your business for transformation, drive adoption of new systems and ways of working, and embed change.

We’ve successfully delivered for leading organisations, and are specialists in world-class technology. ​ We’re experts at digital transformation, using our proven cloud methodology.

Our Services

Need a trusted partner to guide your through your HR or Finance transformation? We can engage at any stage of your journey

Phase Zero

The spark of an idea. You know you need to act. But what comes next?

We can bring our proven accelerators and methods to help you build your business case, select the right technology to address your strategic needs, and set you up for success from the start.

We ensure you emulate the attributes of successful transformation programmes.

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Our Accelerators

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Our tool provides a pre-defined set of inputs that populate over 200 proven business case drivers across 15 categories. This allows you to quickly assess the value drivers for your initiative proving your case for change.

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We have developed our own proprietary toolkit using contemporary market knowledge of the technologies to evaluate the technologies you will be considering. It provides indicative costs and final commercial benchmarking saving our customers millions over the lifetime of their investment.

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Are you ready for your implementation? We have a comprehensive readiness checklist that includes governance, data architecture, team mobilization, BaU support model considerations and much more. 

Deployment Readiness Assessment

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Cloud Customer Delivery Playbook

We have developed our RAPID implementation methodology which complements the chosen vendor implementation steps. Using our deep subject matter expertise this approach reduces risk and accelerates time to value. 

CloudRock have developed proprietary digital apps, methodologies, tools and templates, to ensure you don't have to reinvent the wheel in your digital HR and Finance transformations.


We can tailor this approach to your needs, to put you and your team in control.

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